About Me

— Tareck Raffoul

A shutter eye of cutting edge creative towards life, hence filmmaking, I strive for visual connection in everything, everywhere and every moment.
A drive that prospers within a team and blooms while guiding it.

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My name is Tareck Raffoul.
I am a filmmaker, photographer, creative director and content creator.
Based between Paris and Dubai.

My journey started when I realized that my curiosity towards the intriguing world of filmmaking was getting bigger by the day.
I decided then to act upon it and this when I joined A.U.T (The American Universitiy of Technology in Lebanon) where I elaborated and sculpted my knowledge through the countless exercises I either initiated or took part in, during my years of education.
But that was not enough for me, after receiving my Bachelor degree in Audio Visuals, I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship for a master’s degree in Film-Making with focus on Documentaries from Erasmus Mundus Docnomads program where I got to travel between Portugal, Hungary and Belgium.

From short film Documentaries to Fiction, I passed by everything in between. I have had my work screened in festivals in Lebanon, Europe and the United States of America and won several awards.

Most recently, I got selected by Starch Foundation in 2018 where I had the privilege to exhibit two photography series “Ashes to nature” and “Leaving home”.
I also had a solo exhibition in April 2019 in Belgrade under Belgrade photo month.

During my 6 years of hard work, I have acquired an extended experience which I will look forward to keep growing even further in an ever-growing domain!

I am proud of the high-end clients I had the chance to work with till date, namely:
Netflix, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Chopard, Glamglow, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and Neutrogena (just to name a few).
And of course the magazines I got to collaborate with such as Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, Elle Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Also some online magazines such as Institute Magazine, Jute Magazine, Atlas Magazine.

I am currently represented by MMG Artists in the UAE. I have worked with some of the well-known Agencies and production houses in the region such as Streetwise, Code 8, Initiative, Joy Films, Light Blue, Les Folies, Science Sunshine, Ykone, Wondereight…

To sum up, my overwhelming passion got me to work on myself and my knowledge more and more every day, in different aspects, getting me to where I am now. Curiosity certainly didn’t kill the cat; it was and still is getting me step by step closer to my version of the ideal professional cloud.

Here are the services I happily offer:

  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Direction
years of experience

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