“They were all left there, bodies to decay. Instead, nature invaded them and they were all transformed into beautiful soulless corpses. They are now filled with life again, nurtured and preserved. It’s an unpredictable cycle, from Ashes to Nature.”

This collection of photographs represents the rebirth where death is just another life.
My captures will transport you into a world of hope to visualize and imagine the life in life, the afterlife and the life from within.

The photo series is exhibited in Beirut since 23rd of April, in Starch Foundation Boutique – Beirut Downtown (Karagula building).

The series is limited with 19 pictures:
Each picture is available in two sizes 28cm x 28cm and 56cm x 56cm

Stylist: Har Nakkashian
Art Director: Rémie Maksoud
SFX makeup artist: Samantha Ayoub