A shutter eye of cutting edge creative towards life, hence filmmaking, I strive for visual connection in everything, everywhere and every moment.
A drive that prospers within a team and blooms while guiding it.

I go by the name TareCk Raffoul.
Rooting back to the middle east after Portugal, Hungary and Belgium, I moved to Dubai.
Not exactly a mini Euro-trip, although I wish, yet I was actually selected by the Erasmus Mundus Docnomads program, with a full scholarship, to undertake a two years Masters Degree agenda in Film-Making with focus on Documentaries.

I got myself a Bachelor’s from A.U.T (the American University of Technology in Lebanon) in Audio Visuals before that, where my curiosity towards the intriguing world of filmmaking was shaped, elaborated and sculpted with the amount of knowledge received and the countless exercises I either initiated or took part of, during my years of education.

From short film Documentaries, to Fictions I conceived, passing by everything in between. I might as well mention that I had the honor to have many of those screened in festivals in Lebanon, Europe and the United States of America.

I’m quite a chameleon in the industry: see, I find myself to be a Photographer, a Director and, of course, a Content Creator.

My overwhelming passion got me to work on myself and my knowledge more and more by the day, in different aspects, getting me to where I am today. Curiosity certainly didn’t kill the cat; it was and still is getting me step by step closer to my version of the ideal professional cloud.